Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Winning The Great War of Africa

World History is Littered with "Great Wars"

Conflicts are inevitable.

Asian warriors on horseback swept over the northern hemisphere in early history to eventually mold Western Civilization.

Great Britain's mighty sailing fleets later dominated and terrorized nearly every nation on the planet.

Human interactions escalated into World War I and World War II killing more than 100 million men, women and children via ingenious death tech such as deadly gas, automated killing and mechanical behemoths.

Africa suffered and prospered in this caldron of destruction

European colonialism has ripped from Africa, trillions of dollars in mineral wealth, pristine forests, precious wildlife and human labor. 

Diverse communities that peacefully co-existed for hundreds of years became vicious adversaries after greedy industrialists sliced up an entire continent for selfish profits. 

Bloody atrocities and senseless chaos destroyed the homes and livelihoods of entire nations – creating and intensifying the "Great War of Africa".   

This conflict was fought for possession of commodities such as rubber, iron, copper, uranium, rare earths and of course oil.  Now, as natural resources dwindle and humanity is confronted with dire climate challenges, this continuing war could destabilize the entire planet, pushing civilization back into the stone-age for a convenient reset or total extinction. 

However, Africa is on the edge of a Renaissance. The Ancestors begin to smile on us.

Communities find plausible solutions to stop famine on a continent that is abundant with food resources; as well as end illiteracy where writing was created. AFROFuturism can inspire us to cooperate and flourish in the 21st century rejecting antiquated social restrictions.

These are the moral objectives:     

1) Sustainable economic fair trade within Africa and its diaspora scattered around the world.

2) Public healthcare, renewable energy and universal education for everyone regardless of income, age, gender, religion or historical background.

3) Global councils of women and men who ignore language, skin color or political affiliation for the greater good. We are all African who should be willing to share the wealth and bounty of our planet.

Our world relies on fruitful interactions between science and magic bringing security and prosperity. Philosophy and global laws are essential for stability and growth.  Early education and life-long learning offer channels away from fear, violence, despair and dysfunction.

But it takes great leaders to manage the tedious cycle of warfare and prosperity.

We now need to build a Great Peace of Africa by any means necessary -- death is life.

Thus, using hidden sorcery, we must dare to reach back into our history and bring forth a king to become master of our modern world. We will worship him and learn from his flaws. Expect ample human sacrifice.


Note from the author: (AFROFuturism takes us to strange places and hopefully, enlightenment. Read the Book.)

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Cilmate Change: An Insane Conspiracy

In my upcoming book "Insane Messiah," I propose that rich people and multinational corporations were well-aware that climate change was happening and impossible to stop. Therefore, in self-preservation, segments of humanity began to buy mountaintops and build orbiting platforms in space to continue their domination of the planet and making profits. Professor Jeffery Slatery, who is slightly insane believes that there are also other elements in play: Earth itself is fighting back.

In today's reality,  energy companies and global financial entities have exchanged documents that confirm that the environment is heating up, sea levels are rising, storms are more violent as a direct result of human activity over the last hundred years. But in the name of "holy" profits, money is spent to convince non-thinking populations that climate change is a hoax.

But look at Miami, New York City or San Francisco that are major conclaves of the super rich who gradually shift their power centers to higher, dryer environments while sternly proclaiming there is nothing to fear. Super tornadoes ripping though our cities is a fluke. Flooding is normal. Droughts can be expected. This is a reminiscence of 1960s tobacco companies that assured us, "smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, won't hurt you, honest."  Or, today's food companies that proclaim, "a little fructose sugar in everything you eat makes you live longer." There is nothing to worry about, just keep doing what you do everyday.

My fictional Professor J Slatery preaches that we should work with the planet to heal it or at least allow it to remain semi-habitable for human beings even if some creatures  prefer a hotter, wetter climate with fewer dry lands and fewer humans. That is what Slatery believes.  Of course, he is "nutz;" he talks to plants and he doesn't listen to Fox News.

The real insanity revolves around deniers and enablers; people who would sacrifice human existence because of ignorance or greed.  Unfortunately, we have a United States presidency that suffers from both ailments.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The New Presidency

Don't dare call him president Trump.  He is simply "45" (the 45th person to legally occupy the White House as leader of the USA).  The truth is, 45 is a bad person. 45 doesn't know the American Dream.   He conned people to vote for him. People who desperately needed jobs and medicine yet felt abandoned by the political system. The Democrats did their best to lose the election by not talking to the people who were hurting the most. 

We must do everything in our power to understand why voters supported this Trump lunatic.  Neither political party gave us a real choice (Bernie was an option).  Therefore, we must consider the following:

a) The gap between the rich and poor has become obscene. The greed of the 1% is horrific. A small tax increase on  Richie Rich and the defense complex could benefit us all. Roads and bridges could be fixed. Every American could get free college education and health insurance. The economy would grow.

b) Elements of the modern media (Fox, Brietbart, etc) are overwhelming us with false representation of the facts of life to brainwash, confuse and enslave just to make the ruling elite richer. Rabid Islamic raiders are NOT rushing our borders.

c) Basic Human rights -- shelter, healthcare, education -- are being crushed. Ruling political families  believe that people of lesser means want to stay poor and live on the cold streets of America. Every human being deserves a chance to prosper, regardless of their status in life.

d) 45 could stumble into an atomic World War III via midnight tweets. He is controlled by foreign powers that want America weakened and democracy destabilized. Only the radioactive cockroaches will survive. So Trump may still be crawling around in the ashes of what he is creating.

We must spread the word. We can stop this.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Different Review of "Get Out"

A lot has been said and written about Jordan Peele's AFROCentric horror flick "Get Out". The production has captured great reviews and audiences around the country seem to like it--laughing and applauding at the appropriate moments. However, take a different approach that may seem contradictory.

First of all, "Get Out" is not just a "black" film; however, knowing Hollywood, we can expect to see hundreds of knock-off movies based on the "black" horror theme now it has been proven that money can be made from the African American movie clientele.

You could easily switch out the characters and still have a decent movie. The African color adds a special layer of introspection and fun.

The movie employs all the popular tropes of a horror film: boyfriend meets strange family, a party with weird guests,  freaky parents, and a basement were the blood and gore reside. But we so seldom see this genre with black faces that is like feeding raw meat to alligators. There is a frenzy of excitement. The producers exploited all of our "race porn" stereotypes -- i.e.,  Guess Who is coming to Dinner , Blacula and OJ.

This is good movie to see. Be prepare for the tsunami of black horror flicks to come.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

There are many methods to prevent a Trump Dystopia as long as we are willing to RESIST.

1.  Download the Indivisible GuideA practical guide for resisting the Trump agenda. Former congressional staffers reveal best practices for making Congress listen.

2. VOTE: We have to vote in local and national elections. We must know who we are voting for.  Therefore, check your local government websites and follow your local politicians.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

American Dystopia 2017 

Election night November 8, 2016, dealt a serious setback to America. This sad state of affairs was first predicted more than 100 years ago.

The Iron Heel
Jack London

The all-powerful super rich rulers of America are challenged by a bold political movement to bring true economic freedom and equal justice to all people regardless of community status, race or gender. 

However, a profit-driven Oligarchy quickly retaliates by crushing a first and second social revolution. 

In his prophetic novel published in 1908, Jack London, one of the first fiction writers to obtain worldwide celebrity status, conjured up a horrific tale that we may be experiencing today in reality.

See my upcoming book review and commentary on the speculative fiction novel: The Iron Heel.You can download the book at Amazon or Project Gutenberg.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Diverse Writers and Artists of Speculative Fiction


Creators of

A Free forum on why and how we should develop stories in science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Featuring speculative fiction authors Cerece Rennie Murphy, William Jones, Stafford Battle, B. Sharise Moore, Diane Williams, and K. Ceres Wright.

11 AM  to 3 PM
Saturday, October 22, 2016
Long Branch Library
8800 Garland Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910

"This workshop will help people to create high-quality fiction that accurately portrays people of color." -- K. Ceres Wright, President and founder of DWASF