Saturday, September 28, 2013

Black Science Fiction

2013 October is Black Speculative Fiction Month!

You should celebrate by supporting a black author, today.  Buy a book and write a review -- be honest. The AFROFuturist movement is growing. It starts with writers but includes artists, filmmakers, musicians, and any creative person who peers into the future. People of color are creating a new destiny combining science fiction with science fact. 

We are changing education which doesn't stop because of age.  It is easier to become a rich and prestigious scientist than an NFL star. Black sci-fi inspires people to do more than throw and catch a ball. This is a life-long process that we continue until the grave.

Black Science Fiction is taking off like a rocket. Sci-fi, Sword & Soul, Steamfunk, Weird Black West  are sexy and intriguing.  We are forced to look deep into our souls. We are all African.  When we dream big, we create fantastic structures. We build faster-than-light spaceships. We can capture and use the energy of galaxies. We can heal humankind. Black spec fiction expands our imaginations and make dreams reality.

For more information go to Black Speculative Fiction Month:

Happy Black Science Fiction Month!

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