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Open USA Borders for Brown People

Migration: A Human Right

Heartless military-style community policing, ridiculous barricading of natural geography, weaponizing borders has become acceptable in Trump's 21st Century Dystopia American Nightmare. This is a dire result of our idiotic and cowardly political landscape that encourages a madman to rule the country.

Some aspects of AFROFuturism suggest that we should abandon culturally biased hate to restrict human movement and interaction.

We should progress to a properly administered, humane immigration policy. This would be healthy and increase prosperity for newcomers and existing residents. Routes of free and unhindered migration should be established and protected.

There is nothing wrong having an (monitored) open border with friendly countries.

Other continental regions around the world are embracing free transfer of people. The African Union, the European Union, and other places are easing the pathways for individuals to work, gain citizenship and prosper in places…

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