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Meet the Teeth of AFROFuturism

AFROFuturism roars and is prominent in the  Black Panther movie that has dumped huge buckets of green on Marvel Comics and the  Mouse. But what benefits go to Black communities around the world who celebrate this movie? What do we really gain?Better Stories Growth is essential to a good story. T'Challa is a very different and more enligtened person by the end of the movie. Thus, we need writers who genuinely understand the Black experience to make screenplays palatable to moviegoers.  Old stereotypes will fade, hopefully. A new generation of creators from all cultures will gain ground with new ideas.

More People of Color will be Earning Paychecks in Hollywood
Movie producers, writers, and directors will require black super villains and heroes to dance on the big screen to entertain us. This will sell tickets, overpriced popcorn, and fruit-colored sugar water. Also, the technicians, artists, musicians, caterers and thousands of other support staff can take advantage of a flood of fi…

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