Friday, March 31, 2023


What's Next for AFROFuturism?

Peer into the near future. What are the prospects for Black people? What should we prepare for?  

AFROFuturism is gaining more traction in the mainstream. People talk about it. However, few individuals can clearly define it. It is more than catchy pop tunes or Black Panther's Wakanda. 

Octavia Butler most likely never used the term, yet, her writings -- especially the "Parable" books -- are definitely AFROFuturistic. Historically, there have been AFROFuturists who never would have considered themselves to be AFROFuturists. The word didn't exist. But the concept did. It has changed our lives for the better. (See my Architects of AFROFuturism post.)

What's next for AFROFuturism?

Africans have always been advanced technological people. Africans built stone structures that remain to be the greatest marvels in all of human history. 

Music, art, dance, movies, and editorial are all part of AFROFuturism. The next phase is tech. AFROFuturism will embrace, expand and exploit new technologies to better our world. 

More on that in future posts. 

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