Saturday, February 17, 2024

Using AI to get Hip with the Tech

 AI or Artificial Intelligence is not new; although AI's latest applications/uses are almost magical. The genie is out of the bottle. Black folks need to be aware and willing to take advantage of AI as well as know its dangers to our freedoms. 

The image above was created using an AI drawing program called Wonder AI. It is very easy to use and assists us in expressing our thoughts in new, educational, and entertaining ways. It is important to remember that humans will always be superior to AI. AI is merely a tool that we master. Using AI, anyone can create impressive images, music, videos, books, and research. 

AI also has its drawbacks. For instance, artists and writers have complained that AI steals their work and represents it without compensation to the human creator. Also, there are privacy issues. No one wants to be tracked by computer. Law enforcement has erroneously used AI to arrest the wrong people. 

So, get with the program. Many AI applications are free to use and require no knowledge of computer programming. Only your creativity and imagination are required.

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