Sunday, August 9, 2020

Future Sexual Relationships: The Gender Revolution

After binge watching "Altered Carbon" on Netflix, I reached an epiphany: our society is fast approaching to a period where gender, race, age will become interchangeable. Scientists have already predicted that our minds can be digitalized and placed in any organic body or machine construct at a whim. 

Want to see how the other side lives? There will be no need for painful surgery. Transfer your mind to another host of your desire. 

Therefore, men can become women, women become men of any race and any age. Many people today claim they are trapped in the wrong body. No problem. Switch. And, if you want to . . . switch back.

Human beings are fickle creatures and often seek change merely for the novelty of doing something different. This is probably a good survival technique in evolution. Adapt, re-adapt, or die.

Some of us may find it difficult to embrace "fluid" sexual situations and are "hard-wired" for a particular lifestyle. Ask T-Rex about that. The majority of us are more flexible.

What is the cost? That is a big question mark. There will always be the rich and others who are not as rich. But fortunes are not always based on popular currencies.  What are you willing to sell or give up? 

Can you die and allow somebody new to be born? Will we be ourselves or a different creature? Are we a copy or the original?

Moreover, how do we deal with temporary or life-long relationships?  How will we cope if our wife of thirty years, decides to become our teenage husband? 

Tough questions. 

Altered Carbon was IMHO a fantastic book and fascinating Netflix online series. Lots of diversity in thought and characters. It speculates about a future that may not be too far away. Take a look. Consider the possibilities.

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