Sunday, December 17, 2017

Stop Using the "N" Word (Unless you need it)

This is a guest post written by Benjamin Bunn. (Warning: Bunn is nutz! He favors the use of expressive foul language. And he drinks too much.)

The N Word According to B Bunn
(Stolen from the  AFROFuturist Bible)

I stopped using the "nigger" word in my stories and language. (Oops, I said it out loud. My bad.) 

I don't use "nigga" either. (Fuck, I said it again!)

Replying  "You my nigga" is just shitty dick butt stupid! I don't own your black dumbass. Don't want to. It stinks. You can't pick no cotton. That shit is bone-chilling hard!! I tried it for half a day when I was a kid in North Carolina. Better to sell burgers and fries. Smile.

Yet, sometimes I say those "N" words when I am around homies from the old days. We connect. But never around my daughter or nieces or nephews.  They don't need that shitty legacy.

I don't like the "N" word because we can be more creative. Let's give crazy white folks some help when they get mad and want to blame today's social problems on us.  Poor healthcare, no jobs, gun violence, etc. It is all because of niggers. (Sorry! I loss control.)

"Jungle Bunny" -- I really like that one. It shows the true ignorance of the white cracker dipshit who invented it. Spear Chucker is another favorite. I wonder how the hell this Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan bullshit survives in the 21st century. Loved his Martian stories, but Burroughs was a total ass-wipe. A true product of his time. Died of a heart attack. Karma. Too many cheeseburgers. Smile.

So, let's take a closer look at the words white people and some ignorant colored folks use to disparage human beings who are not considered to be pure white:

Spook, nigger, sambo, nigga, spade, coon, pickaninny, spear chucker, spic, rag head, Obama-lover, paki, coolie, injun, crow, kaffer, nig-nog, nip, tar baby, wetback, or simp.  (Sorry, I ran out of breath.)

That is what a drunken, shit-faced segment of white Americans believe a mud person is. Oh Yeah, "Mud Person" has been another popular shitty white cracker slur. And don't forget they also call us "Mondays". Because everybody hates Monday morning. I would consider damning stupid white people to Hell but it is too late.

Whyte Niggas is Crazy! Evolution made a wrong turn yet nature will soon  correct the problem. Think.

(Wake-up America. Fuck Donald Trump.)

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