Monday, March 22, 2021

The New AFROCyberspace 2021

We Are Coming Back!

Hey! I got a great idea. Actually it was my wife's suggestion to bring back AFROCyberspace.What is AFROCyberspace? Years ago, Rey Harris (sadly deceased) and I wanted to promote the presence of people of color on the Internet (before the World Wide Web). With the help of McGraw-Hill, we published a book, and travelled the country to talk about cyberspace and how black and brown folks were taking of advantage of the new technology.

It was successful culturally, but not monetarily, however, it opened a lot of eyes and fueled ambition to stay focused. That was a good thing.

Life happens. We all get involved in a lot of stuff (two wonderful grandsons, etc, etc., ) so there were distractions good and bad.

But observing what is taking taking place, now, I believe that we need a new and improved AFROCyberspace based on Blockchain tech to ensure that the corporate feudal lords can't keep us poor and stupid barely surviving on choked bandwidth and faked news that allows the rich to get richer while most of us suffer, needlessly.

We need a new look and new avenues to expand into that are free from crass profit-driven greed. We need a plan.

Thus, the New AFROCyberspace is about to be born; open to everyone who thinks outside of the box and cares about their fellow citizens around the world.

More to come. . . . 

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