Friday, October 6, 2023

Get Ready for AFROCentric Social Media Explosion

Explosion may be overstating but not by much. There is excitement and momentum building that we should pay critical attention to.

People of Color are not strangers to the technology of social media. We have been involved with the tech since the first newsgroups went online at 300 baud and dial-up modems. Social media platforms are the hot new tech. There are many options. AFRO developers are challenging the failing "X" (formerly known as Twitter, and the anemic Facebook). New Social Media platforms are being promoted.

Vote with Social Media. Spread your message via Social Media. Revolutions have been spread via Social Media. Now, Black people have a choice in their Social Media. This is important.

Join me on The Backroom.

Last Note:

If anyone claims that they are "old school" and aren't familiar with current Social Media, web conferencing (Zoom), chat, streaming or email apps, remind them that this is not new tech. It has been around for decades and is available to anyone willing to take advantage of useful apps that are important in our lives. No advanced expertise is needed, only a willingness to learn and adapt.

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