Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Congratulations to Cast and Crew of Nat Turner's Secret


It is wonderful to me how a short story I wrote almost a decade ago, is so appropriate today. Nat Turner's Secret was beautifully rendered using today's online technologies that we all are expanding into. The cast and crew are the daring cyber pioneers of the theatrical arts. Broadway has been shuttered. Live small theatre has all but evaporated. Families no longer meet for Sunday dinners or Saturday backyard BBQs. Some spouses sleep in different rooms to prevent spreading sickness to those closest to them. We may no longer be able to gather in person, but it is critical that we still gather to entertain, educate, encourage and enlighten online. That was accomplished. An audience anxiously awaiting Episode 2.

I greatly applaud the actors, director, producers and supporters who put the spotlight on my writing. 

Bravo! This is the first step. 


Stafford Levon Battle

Enjoy Episode One

Thursday, October 29, 2020

On the Edge of the Abyss: Why I Wrote Nat Turner's Secret


We on the edge of falling into the abyss or rising to great heights.

If we consider how Black people in America have been treated since Nat Turner's Revolt in the 1800s, very little has substantially changed. Technologies have changed. Politics have become more polished and deceitful. The white ruling rich are much more powerful and scornful. People remain scared for many of the same reasons when Nat strode through the night like an avenging angel killing any opposition that stood in his path. 

It is often strange to me how a short story I wrote almost a decade ago, is so appropriate today. Nat Turner's Secret has been beautifully rendered using today's online dramatic technologies. Broadway has been shuttered. Live small theatre has all but evaporated. It is reckless to gather in groups. Families no longer meet for Sunday dinners or Saturday backyard parties. Some spouses sleep in different rooms to prevent sickness to those closest to them. We may no longer be able to gather in person, but it is critical that we still gather to educate, entertain, encourage and enlighten online. I greatly applaud the actors, director and producers who put the spotlight on my writing. 

Sometimes -- during those intense periods of mental funk that we all suffer when we think no one is observing us -- I see Obama as Nat Turner. Strong, good intentions, inspirational, willing to play by the system doing everything according to the American Dream. Yet, here we are in 2020. Riots. Anger. Injustice. Persecution.  

Nat never gave up nor surrendered even with an angry rope around his neck; he had a plan to pull us back from the abyss and into the light. 

I wrote an 8-episode series that reveals Nat's secrets, sorrows and joys. With the right impetus, we all can rise. 



Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Support Nat Turner's Secret


Nat Turner's Secret -- Go Fund Me.

A live reading of Stafford Battle's tale of rituals, rage and  redemption is being performed by a cast of talented and experienced actors on September 23rd. 

This dramatic revolutionary drama  showcases the artistic talents of creators who express their views and solutions to inspire us all. 

We appreciate all your support and suggestions. You can be a part of this now.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

The Greatest Super Villain: Dr. Anti-Science

The eruption of the deadly COVID-19 virus has exposed more than the extreme corruption in our world governments. The virus has revealed basic problems in our day-to-day society. A disturbingly large segment of people  (who don't understand or openly fear rational, scientific thought)  are likely refuse to consider the positive aspects of science fiction.

Apparently rational citizens who normally would be open to civil discussion on a variety of controversial topics now attack wearing a face mask to prevent the spread of a disease because medical scientists recommend the use of masks. 

Our respected and reputable technologists are the real super heroes. Anti-maskers are today's super villains -- Drs. Anti-Science.

Just a thought to consider. Read more sci-fi. 


Sunday, August 9, 2020

Future Sexual Relationships: The Gender Revolution

After binge watching "Altered Carbon" on Netflix, I reached an epiphany: our society is fast approaching to a period where gender, race, age will become interchangeable. Scientists have already predicted that our minds can be digitalized and placed in any organic body or machine construct at a whim. 

Want to see how the other side lives? There will be no need for painful surgery. Transfer your mind to another host of your desire. 

Therefore, men can become women, women become men of any race and any age. Many people today claim they are trapped in the wrong body. No problem. Switch. And, if you want to . . . switch back.

Human beings are fickle creatures and often seek change merely for the novelty of doing something different. This is probably a good survival technique in evolution. Adapt, re-adapt, or die.

Some of us may find it difficult to embrace "fluid" sexual situations and are "hard-wired" for a particular lifestyle. Ask T-Rex about that. The majority of us are more flexible.

What is the cost? That is a big question mark. There will always be the rich and others who are not as rich. But fortunes are not always based on popular currencies.  What are you willing to sell or give up? 

Can you die and allow somebody new to be born? Will we be ourselves or a different creature? Are we a copy or the original?

Moreover, how do we deal with temporary or life-long relationships?  How will we cope if our wife of thirty years, decides to become our teenage husband? 

Tough questions. 

Altered Carbon was IMHO a fantastic book and fascinating Netflix online series. Lots of diversity in thought and characters. It speculates about a future that may not be too far away. Take a look. Consider the possibilities.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Science Fiction and Religion (Part 1 Super Heroes)

Super Heroes

If you want to start an argument at your favorite neighborhood tavern, backyard BBQ, church social or any city block in the country, suggest that religion and science fiction are comparable. If we are open minded, there is considerable intermingling in religion and sci-fi to ponder.

Gods and saints appear regularly in comic books with characters such as Thor, Hercules, Wonder Woman, Isis as well as the Judeo Christian God. Religious texts offer larger than life heroes such as Samson who, like Hercules, had tremendous strengths and multiple vulnerabilities. Moses could turn his staff into a snake. Jesus had amazing abilities including the ability to defy death like Deadpool or Wolverine.

Many "true believers" are willing to suspend belief and have faith that Superman could fly in a gravity well such as Earth's, or that Noah could cram hundreds of wild animals into a wooden boat outfitted with adequate feeding stations and waste disposal facilities. 

The major difference between sci-fi and religion is thus: science fiction is "fiction", made-up tales to inspire, guide and explore the glories and failures of humanity. The major religions consider their tenets and teachings as "nonfiction" and not to be challenged on threat of retribution by a supernatural being or fanatical followers. Likewise, religions seek to inspire, guide and explore the glories and failures of humanity. 

Not all sci-fi fans are atheists. Many consider that there is a higher being; a spiritual purpose and moral compass to follow. Church goers can go to movies and cheer the exploits of Spiderman or the Avengers and not feel that their faith is being challenged.

Science and technology has long inspired writers and artist to delve into sci-if. Historically, there are founders of religions who were real humans and crusaders with phenomenal abilities.

People of African descent have thousands of religious sects. Some of their deities have crossed over to the speculative fiction realm. Brother Voodoo is a good example. He was a Black sorcerer from Haiti who took over for Dr. Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme.

Black and brown societies are not strangers to amazing technology — there are engineering marvels throughout Africa and the Americas since ancient times. These scientists and technologists have produced  stories to be absorbed by the masses.

It is up to each person to chose what to believe in to feel whole. We need our super heroes in science fiction and religion. 

Wakanda Forever!

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Most Fearful Aspect of Sci-Fi

Science Fiction is highly political.


In the beginning,  Captain Nemo voyaged his futuristic submersible invention "The Nautilus" deep underwater during the 1800s to confront deep-sea monsters and vicious human greed.  Later, Samuel Delany gave us fantastic excursions throughout the Galaxy and into the depts of exploding stars and decaying civilizations in the award-winning novel Nova. Octavia Butler's final literary expeditions pushed readers into a cataclysmic new religion, failed government and persistent human survival.

Many sci-fi authors offer terrifying tales of dystopia. Read 1984 by George Orwell, The Iron Heel by Jack London, Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein,  or Little Brother by Cory Doctorow. Likewise, George Schyler's classic Black Empire is essentially a retelling of a 2nd American Civil War on a global scale where (Spoiler Alert!)  Black people win, almost.

A plethora of writers has created vivid stories and world-building scenarios that deserve to be examined because of their futuristic visions of society and how we should be governed for good or bad. It can be argued that the innate appeal of Sc-Fi is its presentation of politics in the past, present, and future.

One of my favorite themes is Kirk(s)/Federation vs the Klingons. The Klingons are the most diverse, endearingly complicated humanoid species in all of Star Trek lore (next comes the Vulcan/Romulans closely followed by the Borg). In CBS's Picard,  powerful adult themes involving sex, race, and politics makes the series entertaining and thought-provoking (far beyond the childlike trivialities of Star Wars.)

In speculative fiction, we are experiencing the American Civil War and the contradictions of our inner selves over and over again in outer space and multi-universes. This creates artistic opportunities for new solutions to old problems.

Thoughts to Ponder: Politicians and elected officials need sci-fi to prepare a better future for all of us.  Read. Write. Perform. 

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