Friday, August 19, 2022

The New Face of Religion

A brief passage from my new book: The AFROFuturist Bible.  

After bravely protecting his beloved princess from a vicious attack by the local army militia, our hero continues revealing his tale with his usual literary flourish and generous sips of red wine. A congregation  has gathered on the Atlantic Ocean beach to hear him boldly preach. Bonfires were lit. Drummers and dancers celebrated. Food and booze.

He boomed:

"So, Judeo-Christianity is an African religion. Mami Wata, the Supreme African Matriarch, is the beginning of all spiritual thought. The crude Medieval European warlords usurped these beliefs to control their progressing peasant populations, who were realizing how to read and revolt. The International merchant classes sought to re-enforce the enslavement of human beings and create profit via various forms of bogus bibles and religious treatises and misguided doctrines. 
Pure Christianity started as a sensible reflection of life. Pure Islam and Hinduism, at least in the early scrolls, promoted peace and tolerance and interaction. All worldwide mythologies have African roots. But Europeans favored the artistic style and grace of Renaissance genius that strategically blotted out African and Asian influences. My parables clearly expose the failing fallacies of religion and mythology.”  

I stopped speaking to allow a moment of contemplation and more wine. Jesus loved wine. He was buzzed most of the time during his short life when he was preaching. He was a fun party guy. We all liked him and helped him with that big round rock when he died.

A passage from the AFROFuturist Bible by Stafford L Battle 

There are many aspects of religion and mythology that my book explores. For instance, there are common roots in mythology and religion that people don't like to talk about. Similar gods and saints, heroes and demons, cheating husbands and luscious vixens. Sacrifice (human and animal) is common. Worldwide floods are frequent. Droughts. There are real monsters and great wisdom. Anger and forgiveness. Resurrections. Retribution. Read.

It is available on Amazon!!

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