Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Visitas

After several years, I decided it was time to change my Web appearance. Actually, the decision was forced upon me when my long-time hosting service decided to up their fees. So, goodbye, and hello to the new me on line.

My views and opinions are wide and varied. I consider myself a writer and futurist, mostly; and citizen of the world whenever i find the time. Therefore, the following are the websites that I will be building to accommodate my ambitions:
  • is where I will be blogging; daily!
  • will be the home of my writing endeavors. Sample of my stories as well as links to my online bookstores (Amazon and Lulu).
  • will focus on the sci-fi genre with an African flavor
  • offers a peek into the world of sword and soul, black steampunk, horror, and fantasy
  • is current events, interviews, special announcements and social networking.

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