Sunday, March 31, 2013

No More Comic Books

I dislike the term "Comic Book".  There is nothing funny about a zombie ripping out a man's intestines or a gifted human with extraordinary abilities pushing a blazing comet  away from earth thus preventing total destruction of our civilization. These are all fantasy experiences that  thrill our imaginations. We will  not laugh; we will gape in horror and expectation  as if we are on a roller coaster ride at the crest of a rise and begin the rush downwards.

We should  call comic books Illustrated Speculative Fiction or Exciting Graphic Tales. These are  stories that entertain and education. There should be no more comic books. Instead there should be illustrated spec fiction that offers space operas, romance, mystery, sword and soul, steam funk  and much more.

Graphic tales are a billion dollar industry on a global stage. Black creators need to be willing to redesign how their works are promoted to consumers.

I want no more comic books. No more Yuk, Yuk. I want images brought to life with stories that examine the extreme possibilities in our lives. Bring on the  dystopias and how we can avoid them. Bring on the alien invasions that we can defeat by combining our resources. Bring me worlds were every human being is successful and happy if we are willing to defend our rights and engage new ideas.  We can  better our lives if we dream big. We must write big; but no more artificial laugh tracks.

Give me Uhuru big breasted, bare legs with her eyes flashing fire and her smile enticing.  She is s genius. I want a new world to conquer.  I am not laughing. I am serious. Together, we can transform the universe.

The goal of all Speculative Fiction is to enlighten and inspire as well as entertain and educate. This is not comic or funny. This is serious.


  1. Excellent...but those of us that are aficionados use the term "comic book" as a pejorative for graphic novel. So your point is not lost on me but it's connotation is that it is how those engrossed in the genre think of it. In my experience my compatriots do not think of giggles when we think of the genre but rather format. 1luv

  2. You express yourself well. It is good to read your response.

    In the spirit of dialogue, I refer to the mass media industry when I say "comic books". The big fiction distributors and NYC publishers are still mired in the 1950s. IMO, "comic book" is the terminology on their excel spreadsheets.

    But digital & print illustrated stories and graphic novels are gaining popularity. Motion graphics is also gaining notice. When I go to cons, I eagerly buy from authors and illustrators. I thoroughly support the emerging technologies and the artists & writers.

    Comic book is a phrase that we need to dispose of. Modern illustrated stories are serious. We need to spread the word.

    Thanks for responding. We need a reunion. I will tell Rey.


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