Monday, February 18, 2019

30-Second book Review: Kitombo

A 30-Second Book Review: Kitombo by R. Jones. You can call this AFROFuturisum from a historical perspective; royal intrigue, murderous spies, bloody field actions,  miraculous survival and heroic deaths with characters you actually care about. It is a short piece that feels like a thick slice from a much larger and grander work. There is plenty of background details and foreshadowing that offers detailed worldbuilding for a historical novel with fantasy elements.

Jones used real events from the period when Europe first attempted to enslave all of Africa and steal its riches. Instead, the Portuguese armies were met with brute force from the advanced kingdoms of Africa that repelled the armored, white invaders and their medieval tech. Black soliders armed with cannons and muskets using precise military tactics were able to defend their lands and take revenge on their enemies black and white.

Inspirational and enlightening.

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