Monday, February 25, 2019

30 Second Book Review of Blue Light by W. Mosley

Blue Light by Walter Mosley is not a simple book. Mosley wanders far from the quick, slick paperback mysteries that made him famous and wealthy, to offer his fans a large dose of sci-fi. For anyone willing to take the mystical journey, they will discover Blue Light to be a finely tuned literary psychedelic hit. Great writing and exotic concepts that scream "AFROFuturism was alive and well in the 1960s! Where were you?"

In the green valleys of California, special individuals are responding to a sudden boost in human evolution from a celestial Blue Light. Via various viewpoints, we are immersed in the effects of the beam. This includes benefits and horrors. Mosley challenges the reader to dig deeper into considering who we are now, and what we could become with a little push from the Gods.

Enjoyable and readable but requires attention. 

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